Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kim Boske - Mapping

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Just came across some pretty interesting work by this artist. This work is useful to consider alongside the next assignment dealing with montage in ART130.

Below is an excerpt from the 1000 Words Photography Magazine Blog about the work.

Boske is fascinated by the system of time and space. In her work she tries to capture this illusive reality by exploring the mutability of things. Her photos incorporate various levels, merging different moments in time together. They reveal phenomena that are impossible to see or witness with the naked eye.

In Mapping, Boske investigates how physical movement in time and space continually changes our perspective on the world. By eschewing individual perspective and instead combining multiple perspectives in a single image, she creates a new, layered reality. Here Boske presents a series of views of trees that she photographed from different angles. She combines the various shots to form a new image that shows each tree in its entirety. All the perspectives of the tree exist simultaneously; they overlap each other and join together to form a single image in a changing world of appearance and disappearance.

Above content from 1000 Words Photography Magazine

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