Monday, March 1, 2010

Chrystel Lebas at Witzenhausen in Chelsea

I was so disheartened to get this announcement from Chrystel last week, as her show in New York will close before I have a chance to get up there. BUT....if any of you will be in the area between now and March 27, please go have a look.

I was fortunate to meet Chrystel while at a conference last year in the U.K., and she is a remarkable artist dealing with time, space and memory through the medium of both photography and video in a very subtle yet captivating manner. I recently purchased her book Time in Space for the Olin Library as well - go and have a look!

Information on her exhibition in New York is below:

Witzenhausen Gallery New York is proud to present work by French artist Chrystel Lebas. The exhibition is on show from February 25th till March 27th at the Witzenhausen Gallery in New York.

Chrystel Lebas’s work is drawn from her interest in looking at how landscapes contain psychological significance in relation to historical events, legends, Fairy Tales and our childhood memories and how to communicate these within an image.

She employs photography and the moving image, often pushing the apparatuses to their limits of their functionality to produce images. The works are mainly produced during the twilight hours, or as in the French expression, “Entre chien et loup”, translated in English as “Between Dog and Wolf”: the moment when twilight embodies the transition from dog to wolf, when it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between the howling sound coming from the two animals.

Above content from Witzenhausen Gallery

For more information on the work of Chrystel Lebas, visit her website:

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