Friday, April 23, 2010

Photo Submission Opportunity for Students!!

I encourage you all to apply!

RSVP: CLASS PICTURES, now open for submissions

Artists are currently invited to submit work for consideration in Class Pictures, an RSVP online exhibition of exceptional work by currently enrolled students of undergraduate photography programs. Students may submit up to five images from a single project.

RSVP is a Michael Mazzeo Gallery program of curated online exhibitions. By way of call and response initiated on the gallery blog, artists are asked to submit images to be considered for inclusion in specific, themed shows. RSVP exhibitions are handled in the same professional and enthusiastic manner as the gallery’s on-site exhibitions, with advertising and sales efforts, on-demand printed catalogs and gallery support.

It is important to note that this is not a pay-to-play program and the exhibitions are not 'competitions'.
There is no charge for entries.
There is no charge for inclusion in exhibitions.
There is no charge for inclusion in exhibition catalogs.

To submit images, follow the instructions on the Online Submissions page.

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  1. The Michael Mazzeo Gallery specializes in contemporary photography, works on paper and related media. His recent exhibit called burning desire feature many photographers that address the nature of burning to their personal and unique methodologies . One of the photographers that stuck out for me was Eric William Carroll, which he takes the obvious everyday occurrences; particularly the photographic cliché of the sunset and using mix media alters the photograph. He alters the photograph in a way to make the viewer look at a sunset in a complete different way. He really pays attention what colors a sunset gives off: the magentas, purples, pinks, and oranges. The whole environment changes by a sunset. The sunset gives off a sense of a peaceful serene environment full of bold, calming colors, a perfect way to end a day. Being a sunset watcher myself I definitely appreciate a different way of looking at it.