Thursday, September 9, 2010

Selective Memory - Dance/Video/Performance

“Selective Memory,” with Madeline Best, at the Chocolate Factory.

Came across a review for this work today - sounds INCREDIBLY intriguing. Certainly relevant to those of us reading about memory and the photograph in the honors seminar, and also of interest to students in ART130, and of course related to much that we are/will be discussing in ART300. Good stuff.

Information on the piece from The Chocolate Factory website reads,

"Selective Memory is a real time video performance about nostalgia for relationships that never took place, events which never happened; a film which was never made, but which everyone remembers; exploiting the misappropriation of "real" sounds and images to confound, distort, remake and ultimately erase the truth."

Read the rest of the description HERE.
And read a New York Times review HERE.

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