Monday, December 20, 2010

Bill Armstrong and Linda Connor at SEMP in Daytona

Both exhibitions close on February 6, 2011
The Southeast Museum of Photography

The Photographs of Linda Connor

Linda Connor, Muhammad Ali Mosque, Cairo, Egypt, 1989

Odyssey: The Photographs of Linda Connor reflects an artist’s pursuit of diverse and compelling subjects from around the world. Although she frequently focuses on devotional sites and monuments, Connor is also drawn to revealing the spirit embedded in everyday life. She is fascinated with photography’s relationship to time: her pictures present a compelling combination of timelessness and a palpable sense of the passage of time. Another core element in her work concerns the dynamic relationship between the natural world and the sacred; its sites, iconography, and philosophy. Odyssey includes some of Connor’s best-known images from the...MORE

From the Infinity Series
Bill Armstrong

Bill Armstrong, Figure 02, 1999

Bill Armstrong’s Infinity series transforms re-photographed and appropriated images to create ephemeral, abstracted and de-materialized color fields and strongly evocative iconic figures. Working with source material as diverse as African masks, Roman busts, statuary and other representations, Armstrong’s finished figurative andportrait images are powerfully evocative of an unseen presence. Spirit presents selections from five of the series that make up Bill Armstrong’s Infinity project. Working with his unique process of re-photographing...MORE

Please note: Bill Armstrong will also have work in the exhibition, The Edge of Vision: Abstraction in Contemporary Photography which will be on view in the Cornell Fine Arts Museum all semester.

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