Sunday, July 10, 2011

Studio Art Senior Natascha Vazquez Creates Public Art in The Bahamas

The above images are from the ambitious project that Natascha worked on over the summer. About this project, Natascha says:

"I got a group of art majors from the College of the Bahamas to come to Abaco (a remote outer island in the Bahamas) to create a public art piece out of found material that has been washed up on the beaches in Southern Abaco. These beaches are on the Atlantic side of the island, catching tons of debris that has been floating in the ocean for years, and finally washes up on shore. I thought it would be interesting to utilize this free "art material" in interesting, artistic ways while at the same time, clean the beach and create awareness of pollution.

We decided to create the bow of a boat, pertruding out of a cliff that we thought would be an appropriate site for this particular piece. It was challenging because of the height, but we found solutions. The
reason we chose a boat was to educate people on where exactly these trash items are coming from, and to present viewers with an art piece which seems beautiful, but dirty at the same time. The trash that has
been washed up on the shore-line is situated in such a beautiful place, and doesn't belong in that spot."

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