Thursday, October 18, 2012

Doug Aitken's Altered Earth

Altered Earth, Doug Aitken Workshop, Arles 2012.
In keeping with our conversation in Video Art yesterday about the hybrid nature of contemporary installation works in new/electronic media - this new work by Aitken looks pretty engaging.  The press-release refers to the work as "land art for the electronic age" - pretty apt, I'd say.  

"This multimedia work is described by Doug Aitken as 'a series of moments and fragments of time focusing on the geography of the Camargue, which provides an almost holographic view of the physical landscape.' The work exists through moving images, sound and architecture, exploring the ever-changing landscape.  The installation ALTERED EARTH creates a form of liquid architecture out of large-scale moving images where the viewer explores a labyrinth of synchronized moving images, which explore new definitions of time and place.  The artwork is conceived as a truly connected multimedia experience. As the work produces its own architecture, and, by extension, its own landscape, Doug Aitken has also developed a form for ALTERED EARTH, through which the work might “reconfigure itself architecturally and its content can continuously shift.”  It was this thinking that led to the conception of the digital application ALTERED EARTH, as a means by which the spectator can interact with this landscape and “have a new dialogue with it, each time they encounter it.” The application can be downloaded for free at"

Above content from e-flux.
Find out more about the work by clicking HERE.

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