Saturday, February 22, 2014

Some Thoughts on the Image Stream by Tom Griggs on fototazo

Last week Tom Griggs posted an essay titled, Navigating the Stream - Part I on his blog fototazo, which is sure to be followed up with another insightful and thought provoking essay dealing with the many issues surrounding the ever-shifting nature of photographs in an on-line environment. He concludes Part I with an important distinction between the relatively thoughtless manner of gathering and disseminating images and more carefully considered and challenging presentation strategies.  

He writes,  "I’m talking about the encroaching idea of posting image after unconnected image on Tumblr or wherever as an “artist” and never moving to make something with the images beyond that....ever.  Selecting, editing and curating your work creates meaning and moves photography beyond the superficial, beyond just the aesthetic..."

You can read Griggs' full essay HERE.

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