Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Daria Martin's Sensorium Tests

from the e-flux announcement:
"Martin has pursued a sustained enquiry into numerous pressing issues relating to film, art and culture, including enchantment, voyeurs and artificial intelligence.  Martin’s work often raises questions about what it means to be ‘touched’ by cinema and alternates playfully between luring the viewer through sensuous images and lush archetypes, and pushing them back into an awareness of artifice. This intentionally crafted push and pull, Martin says, is a reflection of the essential contradictions of the medium of film: its ephemerality and sensuality together with a physical realisation of fantasy."

Sounds lovely.  Ah, if only we could be in the U.K....

Daria Martin, “Sensorium Tests,” Production Still.
Photo: Thierry Bal

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