Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Blog Image - Thanks to my Former Teachers

I started this blog for my students a few years back and have been using photographs of my former instructors as title page images, 1) because their images are fantastic and 2) as a way to say thanks!  So far I've included images from Jin Lee and Bill O'Donnell, and this year I've finally got one up from Rhondal McKinney, my MFA thesis advisor.  Making this little update prompted me to think about the many people I've had a chance to learn from over the years, and I'd like to acknowledge the tremendous support I received from some of my professors and teachers that enhanced my photographic education by helping me to think more critically about lens-based media in general through film and video (Scott Rankin, Enie Vaisburd and Bushra Azzouz particularly) and contemporary art and art history, and professional practice (Melissa Johnson, Martin Patrick, Jim Mai, Shona MacDonald, Paul Sacaridiz, Mike Wille, Melissa Oresky, Barry Blinderman, Margaret Shirley, Paul Sutinen, Terri Hopkins and, most especially, Rich Rollins - the most influential of them all).  Thanks to everyone!!

Image Credit:  Rich Rollins, 1996

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