Friday, February 24, 2012

Great interview with Paul Shambroom

Relates nicely to our recent conversations about using found/sourced images from on-line sites such as Flickr.  Penelope Umrbrico's projects are referenced, and earlier work by Jason Salavon as well.

It's a good read.  Click HERE to access the full article.

Select images from the series Broken Sets / eBay by Penelope Umbrico. From left to right, top to bottom: "After3," "ScreenProblem," "washed-lcd-image-1," "left-side-works," "F4LCYZXFE3IPZ3J.MEDIUM," "IMG_1709," "IMG_1705," "brokenlcd," "2586018616_F6254FE95D." 30" x 40" C-Prints on Kodak metallic paper. Images Courtesy the artist and LMAKprojects, NY.

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