Sunday, February 19, 2012

The In Between: Knowledge Shattered

A curatorial effort of Vincent Honoré at the Kunsthalle Mulhouse. 
Ah, France....
An excerpt from the press release nicely sums up the exhibition's concerns.  I've pasted a bit below:

The In Between: Knowledge Shattered
An exhibition where artworks and non-conclusive processes interweave, where we experience thoughts to come, interconnected, where the intention and interpretation of the art works are no longer predetermined. Four studies, four approaches that lean towards fiction and aim to recast museums as guardians of a fluctuating, mobile, uncertain memory. The exhibition is made up of free associations and collaborations, and the artworks are pauses between solidly documented knowledge and research, and autonomous, accomplished formal objects.

And, if your French is good, you can visit the website by clicking HERE.

Image credit:
Courtesy the artist, Motive Gallery, Amsterdam and Marcelle Alix, Paris.

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