Friday, January 18, 2013

Janelle Lynch @ Southeast Museum of Photography in Daytona

Janelle Lynch, Untitled 9, from the series, La Fosa Común
Excellent opportunity to see photographic work in person.  Daytona is but a hop, skip and jump from here.  This exhibition (and artist talk, later in the semester) is highly recommended.  Click HERE to visit the museum's website.  An excerpt about the work from the museum's website below -

Los Jardines de México

January 25 - April 14, 2013
Exhibition Opening Reception: Friday, January 25, 6:00-8:00pm
Artist's Talk, Book Signing and Reception: March 29, 6:00-8:00pm


Los Jardines de México presents three related bodies of work, La Fosa Común, Akna and El Jardín de Juegos. Images of overlooked or obscure urban and rural landscapes, they explore aspects of the life cycle—loss, death, regeneration—while simultaneously celebrating life and its intricate beauty.

La Fosa Común is a series of photographs made with an 8x10 camera in Mexico City’s common grave. The site is a burial place for the indigent and unidentified. Also made with an 8x10 camera, Akna is a series of portraits of tree stumps in a nature reserve that explores the theme of rebirth. “Akna,” in Mayan, means “mother” and is the goddess of birth and fertility. Made with a 4x5 camera, El Jardín de Juegos depicts the relics of a children’s recreation area, void of people and eclipsed by nature and neglect.

“Lynch manages to create pictorial order and locate the sites of subtle drama within these Mexican gardens. Her approach has an exquisite lightness of touch, which ensures that the meaning of her photographs is neither too literal nor over-prescribed.” —Charlotte Cotton, Curator and Writer, London

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