Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Photographs in the (Real) World

I came across a couple of interesting posts that related nicely to our conversation in Photo II yesterday - particularly regarding the indexical nature of the photograph as related to authenticity, as well as the nature of being an attendant observer of the world.

Click HERE to read the most recent contribution to Still Searching by Martin Jaeggi, where he interestingly discusses the complicated relationship between the still and moving image, "Despite their more or less identical technical basis, photography in the 20th century was a medium that was considered to have an elevated claim to veracity and authenticity, whereas film was the very epitome of artifice and glorious lies."

And click HERE to read a brief excerpt from The Incoherent Light on the work of British photographer Raymond Moore along with a few clips from a film made about his work.

Raymond Moore, Image from Every so often monograph, 1984

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