Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Artist Anthony McCall - Good Stuff

Doubling Back

Anthony McCall's projected light installation returns for an encore at Western
Bridge. First seen in our exhibition Insubstantial Pageant Faded, Doubling Back is
a projected Flash animation of
two intersecting sine waves, rendered in white on a
black background. Projected in a haze-filled
space, the lines become visible solids,
making inhabitable, albeit virtual, spaces.

The piece is based on the artist's realization that a projector's beam has inherent
sculptural qualities, first explored in seminal works such as Line Describing a
(1973). Mary Temple's
Raise displays a formal relation to McCall's diagonal
"solid light"; further, in each work, an extravagant realism undercuts (or amplifies?)
our perceptual confidence, sending us deep into Plato's cave.

McCall, Doubling Back_2

Open Thursday through Saturday

Noon to Six and by appointment

Information and directions at

Western Bridge
3412 Fourth Avenue South
Seattle, Washington

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