Sunday, January 18, 2009

Rollins Professor Travels to Antarctica - Comes Back With Amazing Photographs, Video and Kooky Stories!

This past December, our very own Rachel Simmons (Associate Professor of Art) made an incredible journey to Antarctica to pursue research for her studio practice. She made an amazing number of photographs to use as reference material for her artwork and also shot video and produced sketches (that's right, made sketches! in the chilly-willy weather). You can see these images and read about her experience on her blog here:

If you are interested in seeing more images of Antarctica - have a look at this new release from photolucida available at Photo-Eye books:

'' The Last Iceberg.
Photographs by Camille Seaman. Text by Paul Hawken.
photolucida, Portland, OR, 2008. 64 pp., 29 color illustrations, 8½x10".

Publisher's Description

It is hardly possible to look at Camille Seaman’s icebergs as inert or insentient. Therein lies the gift these images bestow. Though they are made of ice, these massifs of the sea are as diverse and distinct as any terrestrial form. The tabular mesas broken off from the Weddell Ice Shelf are white glazed deserts. The crystal pinnacles cast off from Greenland seem to be mountaintops set adrift. Icebergs known as drydocks can have arches and bridges carved by rain and wind. Unstable pinnacles can invert themselves as they melt above sea line, creating localized tidal waves that can easily swamp a nearby boat.

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