Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kameelah Janan Rasheed

Just found out about the work of this prolific young artist via the Incoherent Light today.  Another artist using found and re-appropriated imagery in an innovative manner.  Her artist statement says, "My work is an excavation of memories. As an art of excavation, I am concerned with making both my process and product visible.  My work is an exploration of the materials that operate as functions of time, an occasional exorcism of insistent memories, an inquiry into the cognitive shrines we build to memories, an examination of the rituals of (re)memory, and an investigation of the role photography plays in framing and mediating our relationship with time. I make use of documentary photography, rephotography, the repurposing of found/orphaned visual as well as textual data, and collage to (re)write histories. I am concerned with the processes of salvaging memories, reconstructing narratives from fragments, and creating public records."  You can read more HERE, and view more of her work HERE.

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