Saturday, September 1, 2012

New Issue of Fraction Magazine Out Today

Once again editor David Bram has selected a solid group of portfolios, each with their own epic and poignant moments/flashes this time.  I think that's what I enjoy most about this issue.  There is an emotive/psychological rhythm to each portfolio that seems to ebb and flow in a subtle manner that is punctuated by occasional sparks of intensity.  I'm particularly fond of how Yakkov Israels's series, The Quest for the Man on the White Donkey, unfolds.  A palpable sense of this land's history is present in the imagery, but equally dominant is the presence of the photographer and the personal/poetic response to the space.  Click HERE to view all of the portfolios.

This issue also includes a special section highlighting a recent workshop that I took part in during the summer on the Oregon coast with David Bram, Jennifer Schwartz (of Jennifer Schwartz Gallery, The Crusade for Collecting, and The Ten, and 5 fellow photographers.  We were dubbed the Astoria 6.  Find out more about that experience, and view imagery from each artist HERE.

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