Thursday, September 13, 2012

Max Sudhues at Galerie Christian Lethert in Germany

This looks like a pretty engaging exhibition - taking apart video beamers and reconstructing them via overhead projection (among other things).  Interesting bit of doubling.  Playing around with distinctions between analog and digital, but in a manner that is not trite or cloying.  I like it.

"With the aid of pincette and screwdriver Max Sudhues opened and deconstructed two broken video beamers into their components. This anatomic process and the material gained by it lead to a series of works that range from medium to content and examine the artistic usability of the used material. The innards of these gutted digital devices find new forms and narrative meanings by being observed from different analogue and digital, old and modern projection- and presentation techniques." 

Click HERE to read more about the work and view additional installation shots.

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