Monday, March 26, 2012

Dout Aitken @ The Hirshorn

Man!  I only hope that my art history colleagues got a chance to see this while they were in DC last weekend.  This is phenomenal.  To see it person must be mesmerizing.  A blurb from the Hirshorn is below, and you can read the full content HERE.  Read a review of the work from the Washington Post by clicking HERE.

Image Credit:  The Washington Post

From the Hirshorn website
Doug Aitken: SONG 1
March 22, 2012 to May 13, 2012

Sunset to Midnight

For nearly eight weeks this spring, internationally renowned artist Doug Aitken (American, b. Redondo Beach, California, 1968; lives and works in Los Angeles and New York) will illuminate the entire facade of the Hirshhorn’s iconic building, transforming it into “liquid architecture” and an urban soundscape. Using eleven high-definition video projectors, Aitken will seamlessly blend imagery to envelop the Museum's exterior, creating a work that redefines cinematic space. A bold commission that will enter the Hirshhorn's permanent collection and enliven its public space, "SONG 1" allows visitors to the National Mall a chance to witness the first-ever work of 360-degree convex-screen cinema.

This work, which Aitken considers “a reflection of contemporary reality,” will alter the relationship between the museum building and its urban environment. “The building is at times emphasized and at times disappears completely into the content of the artwork,” he writes. At these latter moments, the structure recedes into cinematic space, rotating, rising and evolving into new forms.

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