Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sarah Charlesworth - Available Light @ Susan Inglett

Sad to have missed this one....

From the Press Release:  "Light, in both a physical and metaphysical sense, is at the center of this new body of work from Sarah Charlesworth. Making use of a crystal ball, an assortment of prisms, and other optical instruments, Charlesworth engages the play of light from her studio window as it reflects and refracts to conjure a mysterious animated presence. At various turns our expectations are questioned and confounded by optical inversions and visual illusions. Composed images of spectral phenomena are shown side by side with documentary style images of the studio. Props arrayed on a desk and studio materials leaning against a wall hint at the show in progress. Individually and as a group these images lay bare the act of photography as they simultaneously mask and unmask the conditions of their creation. As test shots pinned to the wall mature into finished works, there is no neutral or objective point of closure, only the shifting perspectives of the observer and the observed. The making and the taking of a photograph is indistinguishable as each work celebrates the act of seeing."

Click HERE to see more images from the exhibition.

Image Credit:  Susan Inglett Gallery

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