Friday, March 16, 2012

Sarah Palmer Wins Aperture Portfolio Prize

Beautiful, thoughtful work.  In her editorial statement, Lesley A. Martin of Aperture writes,  

"Sarah Palmer’s series As a Real House is rife with partially submerged tripwires that unsettle the usual process of reading a photograph. Each image contains something—an element or the juxtaposition of elements—that works to trigger an internal pattern-recognition scan of mental databases, in hopes of locking their meaning into recognizable form.  In today’s ecology of signs, a passing jet plane functions on par with the proverbial lonely seagull. Palmer’s work accomplishes a careful balancing act, giving the viewer enough to feel the currents of meaning underneath the surface of each image, yet leaving enough up in the air so as to withhold a quick and easy read. One is left with the sense that the key to whatever it is that the artist has intended to conjure is left intentionally, tantalizingly just out of reach."

You can view more of Palmer's work on her website, by clicking HERE.

Image Credit:  Sarah Palmer (Gulls the first sign of land)

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