Thursday, January 23, 2014

Photography, and Art, and the Archive

Nice little article with loads of nice links to recent exhibitions and individual artists dealing with the archive in their work in Artspace yesterday (How the Artworld Caught Archive Fever).  Not surprisingly, photographs play a pretty central role in much (but not all) of this work.  I hadn't heard about Ryan Trecartin's staged portraits for W magazine until just now - pretty interesting...

"Even amateur archivists today have a overload of information to choose from thanks to the democratizing power of the Internet, making available everything from Google search results to streetviews and satellite images from around the planet to books and academic archives like JSTOR—a limitless trove of raw material that is enthusiastically incorporated into projects by artists like Ryan Trecartin and Jon Rafman, who make its provenance clear in their work. (Both artists appeared in the 2012 exhibition “The Artist as Archivist in the Internet Age” at the Bushwick experimental art space 319 Scholes.)

For Trecartin’s Web 1.0: A Lossless Fall, for instance, he staged four portraits for W magazine in 2010 using extensive Internet research to completely restylize the images, for instance digitally superimposing an Acura steering wheel on a model's face, coloring one eye the hues of the Brazilian flag, and giving him a hairstyle ("ankle length micro braids") found on a hair site—all with images sourced from the Web." - From Artspace, Jan. 22, 2014
A detail from Ryan Trecartin's 2010 W magazine photos - Sourced from Artspace

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